A single layer "tone on tone" sand colored finish was applied below chairrail to complement terracotta wallpaper and stone table

This child's room came to life with a whimsical skyscape on the ceiling.

A beautifull floating stone effect was achieved using two different glazes blended over a wet basecoat.

This Bathroom was base coated in a semi-gloss green and then sponged over with a lighter shade for a subtle "tone on tone" effect.

The use of wam colors in this family room promotes a harmonious balance with the earth toned furniture.

An elaborate stencil was applied over this fireplace to complement the baroque style mirror.
The rich textured terracotta walls emit a warm glow and enhance the somewhat subdued colors in the fabrics.

Add privacy to your existing windows with a beautiful stained glass effect customized to complement your decor.

Two different glazes were applied over a strong base color to achieve this effect.

A dark basement corner was transformed with this beautiful mural

A skyscape with trellis and roses enhanced this trey ceiling

A beautiful Betty Caithness design was painted on this box.


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