Your interior environment can have a very strong impact on your life. A sensitive approach to wall finishes and color harmony in relationship to furniture and existing decor is important in achieving appealing results. Our goal is to create a pleasant and appealing environment that promotes a sense of balance and harmony with your existing decor. 

Anyone can express personal preference, but developing good aesthetic judgment requires a high level of discernment. Choosing the right finish and color requires a balance of artistic expertise and an appreciation of quality aesthetics. We can guide you towards a wise decision when selecting a wall finish. 

Our consultations are free. During our consultation we will:

  • Analyze your needs and desires

  • Evaluate your existing color scheme, furniture, window treatments and accessories. 

  • We will discuss and plan a harmonious theme between the furnishings and the background. 

  • We will help you to visualize the completed walls with the use of sample boards and color chips

  • Prepare an estimate.

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